Thursday, May 21, 2009

so much to do, yet I'm siting here anyway...

woo! I am so excited! I've been working so much on my wedding design project (or as we like to call it- "JP Event Inspiration"). I've been pulling together all the ideas I'd like to do and sketching like mad about my table ideas as well as what kind of dress I'll be searching for. It looks like we'll be doing it the first week or so in July. I actually already have a very well known venue that is willing to let me use them but I'm not gunna say where until I have the definite go-ahead from Judy, but I can tell you I am ecstaticly (is that a word) excited!
Here is some of my inspiration for this project...

This is a poster by the illustrator H. Majera

I had originally started with the idea that the whole design would be art nouveau,
but when I saw this poster that had been done in 1989 with an art nouveau
influence itself, I just fell in love and am taking a lot of my design from that now.

I love the romanticism that a birdcage veil brings. So vintage and so feminine.

I'm hoping to re-create something a lot like this for the flowers. I love the
romantic roses against the great dramatic lines of the lilies.
and if your interested in looking at the company blog and seeing what the other
interns have come up with then you can check that out here.

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